Who We Serve

Business Owners:

As a business owner you are focused on the expansion of your business, the daily operation of your business, or doing what you got into business to do, and preforming that function really well.  Business Owners often neglect their own personal and business financial strategies simply because there is not enough time in the day to do it all.  Some business owners openly admit, they did not know where to begin building and protecting their wealth, so they just kept their head down and worked harder.  That is where Kinship Wealth Partners can come in and help. 

We will work with the business owner to help make sure he is minimizing his taxes, his risk, and maximizing his return.  Business owners sacrifice a lot to build their business.  We hope that by working with us our clients will have the freedom to spend more time with the ones they love or doing the things they love to do.

Families and Individuals:

We love helping families prepare, plan and implement ideas that bring about more family time and the freedom that comes along with being prepared financially for all life's curves.

We work with Affluent Families, Corporate Executives, Physicians, High Income Sales Professionals, and people going through Life Interruptions (for example: divorce, death/inheritance, birth, or job change)


When a person gets ten years from the day they want to hang their hat up, pack up shop, and ride off into the sunset, all sorts of questions or decisions start to run through their mind.  It can be overwhelming.  Do I have enough?  Can I live the life I want for the next 30 years?  Our clients in this phase of their life have discovered they want honest answers, and clear direction with continual guidance, so they can be reassured all their hard work does not go to waste, and they can live the life they have always dreamed.


These clients have stopped working, and now will live on the blood and sweat of their past efforts.  The future is exciting, but scary at the same time.  Retirees want reassurance that what they have worked and saved will last until they pass away.  Many of our clients have had success, so they begin to look for how can I be significant in others’ lives and impact future generations.   They desire to live the life they always dreamed about while leaving a legacy for their loved ones.  Kinship Wealth Partners has assisted these clients in helping to maintain their standard of living, providing some freedom to do what they love with whom they love and help maintain their dignity throughout their aging time.