Our Process

Just like when you build your dream house, the process begins with your vision and a great architect.  Kinship process is that of a great architect taking your vison, dreams, and goals and crafting strategies that help you, your family, or your business to achieve your desired results.  It is an interactive, ongoing process, which is always moving, changing, and growing to fit in with your current scenario.  Here are the basic steps we will walk through together.

Step One:  Initial Consultation

We will get to know one another.  We will find out about what drives you. We will identify your goals, values, dreams, special concerns, and challenges.

Step Two: Engagement Meeting

At this meeting we will share our values, mission statement, our process, and define how things will be measured so we can ensure our relationship is a success.  At the end of the meeting, we both will decide if we want to move forward in building this trusted relationship.  When we decide to continue it is because we have connected, discovered a synergy, and realized if our philosophies and values align.

Step Three:  Discovery Phase

This phase will take several meetings as we dig deep into your goals, values, dreams, and concerns.  We will have conversations around a multitude of areas like: cash management, risk management, insurance, retirement planning strategies, education planning, tax strategies, estate and charitable planning strategies.  All of our conversations will be thoughtful, personal and ongoing.  These conversations can have a rippling effect, so from time to time we might bring our partners who are experts in legal, tax, property casualty, etc. to facilitate discussion when needed.

Step Four: Build, Develop & Present Strategies

We will take all the information gathered at our meetings, design a blueprint, which will outline strategies to help achieve your desired goals.  We will then deliver the strategy to you.  One of the most important pieces of the strategy is the mutually agreed upon action item list which will include our recommendations with an appropriate schedule for implementation and assigned accountability.

Step Five: Execution & Implementation

We begin taking action on the recommendations.  During this phase, we might bring in some of our partners to help facilitate implementation.

Step Six: Review & Ongoing Monitoring/Planning

We will develop schedule for future review meetings, provide a tour of resources and concierge services, and establish reviews and consultations with outside experts, when appropriate.