Our Story




Meghan and Keera Join the Kinship Team 

Kinship Wealth Partners is growing, and we are excited to have Meghan Hutton-Rivera and Keera McDonald join the team as our Client Relationship Manager and Internal Support Specialist. Meghan and Keera will help create and foster client relationships while adding an extra level of support. 

Kinship Wealth is Formed

An idea was sparked to create a firm that focused on people, relationships, service, and helping people achieve their financial dreams through honest advice and financial planning. Kinship Wealth Partners was born.


Rudy+NFS, Stuart CFP, MetLife 

Rudy joins National Financial Services Group, Stuart achieves his CFP® designation, and New England Financial is acquired by MetLife.


Stuart is Cancer Free

Stuart returns from his battle with cancer to join National Financial Services Group as the President of the Independent Division.


Stuart + Cancer, Entaire

Stuart was diagnosed with cancer and would begin a journey for the next 2 year of survival shortly after becoming director of Sales for Entaire Global Companies, helping to educated clients nationwide on premium financing opportunities. Stuart still maintained his personal planning practice and continued to help his clients achieve their dreams.

Rudy + AXA/Equitable

The Mony Group is acquired by AXA/Equitable.



Stuart + LUTCF

Stuart received his LUTCF designation.



Stuart + New England Financial

Stuart joined New England Financial where he continued to serve and build his personal practice with families and small business owners. While at New England, he served as a Sales Manager, Director of Training, and the Director of Compliance.


Stuart Jones

Stuart divested his corporate meeting planning company and began his exciting career in the financial service industry by joining New York Life.


Rudy Rodriguez

Rudy leaves his corporate job with Toyota/Lexus as a Manufacturer's Rep and began his Financial Services Career with The Mony Group.