Our Investment Philosophy

Our number one focus is you the client and making sure each recommendation is based on your specific risk, your needs, and your goals.  We put you, and your interests first at the heart of every decision.  We want you to clearly understand how your investment dollars are being managed, and that are goal is to maximize your return for the risk you are willing to assume.

Here are our Guiding Principles:

  • Long-term, comprehensive focus:

    • Your portfolio will be built based on your personal benchmark, not any market index. We are not active traders and do not make decisions based on fear or emotion. Rather, we will help focus on what your portfolio will enable you to do from a lifestyle and legacy perspective and not exclusively on rates of return.

  • Risk adjusted returns:

    • We believe the level of risk you are willing to assume should return an equal reward. Our goal is to look to protect the downside and help minimize volatility.

  • Low Expenses:

    • We believe lower costs for your investment generally is better than higher costs.  This is one reason why we use models with individual stocks and bonds to mutual funds when the recommendation is appropriate.

  • Tax Efficiency:

    • Our goal is to maximize after-tax returns in non-qualified accounts. That is why we prefer models with individual stocks and bonds to mutual funds, but when we use mutual funds, we try to select funds with lower turnover and capital gain distributions. We also use tax-loss harvesting throughout the year to help minimize taxes long term.

  • Transparency:

    • Your model will have securities that you can watch or see on an open market exchange.

  • Liquidity:

    • Your model is  liquid due to the securities being openly traded, and if you ever needed could be turned into cash quickly, and distributed. However, please note that if this is done the value may be more or less than anticipated due to the fluxuation inherient in the stock market.  

With these six principles in mind, we co-create customized models specifically designed for you with the help of our third party investment money managers.  These business partners of our financial professionals work hand in hand with our advisors creating, maintaining, and monitoring your model to help bring assurance that your goals, dreams, and lifestyle are being looked after constantly.